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2018 Trends Predictions From E-commerce Marketing Experts

2018 Trends Predictions From E-commerce Marketing Experts

How Technology Is Changing the Way Consumers Shop?

Retail is changing fast, and unsurprisingly, the key driver is our increasingly connected world. Mobile is inevitably changing how customers shop and generally interact with brands. Where is the e-commerce marketing world moving in 2018? We ask that question every year, reaching out to our own experts and those in the industry for their thoughts. This year, the answers run the gamut, but all relate to building a deeper relationship with the customer to fend off the Amazons of the world.

What you’ll read about:

  • The importance of doubling down on the basics of advanced emailing. Batch-and-blast email programs can’t begin to compete with more sophisticated ways of connecting with customers, and there are no excuses for continuing to depend on them.
  • The evolution of artificial intelligence, and where it and technologies like browserless commerce will be by the end of 2018.
  • How technology is changing shopping behaviour and why retailers need to step up their game when engaging with customers.

We’ve also sprinkled some details from our recent consumer and e-commerce executive research into this report. Suffice it to say, you will not backburner your mobile optimisation project after seeing these stats.

Getting closer to the customer remains a key target for retailers and businesses in 2018. Promoting loyalty and trust through personalisation via technologies like marketing automation, AI and machine learning will allow retailers to truly stand out from the competition and prompt some exciting developments for commerce marketing in the coming year.

Let us help you make 2018 your best year yet! 

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