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3 Ways Cloud Technology Can Promote SMB Success.


The Secrets Every SMB Executive Should Know

Your business started with a good idea and earned its place in the market. Then things became complicated. As you grew, you could no longer provide personal attention to each of your customers. Innovation is a must to provide new, value-add products (or services) to the market. Your company must be in a constant state of “go,” ready to adapt to a constantly changing marketplace.

As the tech leader of a high-growth SMB, you want to support business expansion initiatives. To do this, you need the right cloud technology that can improve agility/scalability, support innovation and enhance the customer experience.

The buzz is getting louder over Platform as a Service. PaaS has evolved into the standard business platform for companies of all sizes, from multinational enterprises to start-ups looking for their first round of funding.

With Oracle PaaS, these companies are able to:

  • SIMPLIFY application development, testing and deployment and integration.
  • UTILIZE a best-in-class suite of identity management solutions that can be utilized for both SaaS and on-premise applications.
  • INTEGRATE mobile applications successfully to their backend systems as well as design and manage new business processes across cloud, on-premise and custom applications.

View this eBook to learn how a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution can provide the scalability, innovation tools, and agility that your SMB needs to thrive and grow.

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