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4 Reasons Your Content Is More Secure in the Cloud

4 Reasons Your Content Is More Secure in the Cloud

There’s no question that business is embracing the cloud as a key IT strategy. According to the market intelligence firm IDC, at least half of IT spending in 2018 will be for cloud-based projects. IDC also predicts that by 2020, cloud computing will account for 60% of all IT infrastructure and as much as 70% of all software, services, and technology spending. IT leaders recognize the value of cloud-enabled gains in operational efficiency and business collaboration, especially across an
increasingly extended enterprise.

Even with the appealing benefits, moving business content, processes, workflows, and custom applications from on-premises systems is a big step. And sometimes IT hesitates to take this step, because of concerns about control, governance, and compliance with stored content. Often the biggest worry is security: Will highly sensitive business information and intellectual property be protected from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats? The answer is yes. Cloud content management technologies continue to advance, and the providers continue to strengthen their security measures.

These improvements mean that IT can now look to the cloud to provide a centralized, highly secure content platform that:

  • Delivers an improved, more secure user experience
  • Enables increased collaboration and productivity across the extended enterprise
  • Simplifies information governance and compliance
  • Leverages innovations such as machine learning to put user data to work

A robust content management platform centralizes and protects content and extends security controls across the extended enterprise. This approach empowers IT to securely improve content management and collaboration, reduce data loss, maintain compliance, and simplify governance—all while taking advantage of innovations in security.

This paper explores reasons how today’s cloud technologies-specifically content management platforms-can provide security and prove beneficial to your business.

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