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5 Key Strategies for Accelerating Student-Driven Learning

Discover how to prepare students to thrive in school and beyond.

58% of employers say college graduates aren’t prepared for work—which speaks to a significant gap in education. To ensure students gain the academic and social-emotional competencies they need to thrive, there must be a shift in the way they learn. Enter learner-centric education.
Get the ebook, 5 Key Strategies for Accelerating Student-Driven Learning, to see how you can:

  • Create personalized, relevant, and contextualized learning experiences for each student
  • Empower your students to build social-emotional competencies that will benefit them starting today and well into the future
  • Develop student agency throughout the learning cycle from goal setting to reflection

Learner-centric experiences help prepare students for the future they deserve. Start your journey today.

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