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5 things your Business Intelligence solution is missing

5 things your Business Intelligence solution is missing | YourTechDiet

How can you know if your company’s Business Intelligence needs an overhaul?

Every company investing in Business Intelligence solutions wants to turn raw data into powerful insights that boost the bottom line. Unfortunately for most, this may just be a pipe dream. Traditional BI has often become synonymous with slow, inefficient and complex processes.

In today’s electronically interconnected world, the amount of data generated has an inundating effect on enterprise systems. In this age of connectivity, businesses are flooded by a mountain of data which floods enterprise systems. To tackle this deluge, a number of big data technologies have emerged and businesses have deployed a variety of business intelligence (BI) solutions to identify patterns and trends within the data. As CIOs or other executives in IT departments, you may be often flummoxed by the plethora of Business Intelligence solutions. Should you initiate BI by implementing a Hadoop framework, or do you go for a more cost-effective, cloud-based system? Invariably, your business needs business intelligence!

Let’s face it: Traditional business intelligence just isn’t cutting it. You need to turn raw data into powerful insights, but your current solution makes insights hard to come by.

Here are 5 things your BI solution is probably missing:

  • Data access for everyone
  • Simple business collaboration
  • Pre-packaged best practices
  • Alerts when something important changes
  • Seamless mobile experience

These days, relying on analysts to deliver reports just doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone from the corner office to the cubicle needs to get their hands on data. Since decisions rarely wait until they’re back in the office therefore data needs to be accessible. Teams from sales and marketing to operations and finance are bursting at the seams with data. But these teams are frustrated, trying to access the data they care about.

So what can you do to navigate this sea of data?
It starts with investing in a BI solution that users will embrace and will drive ROI.

Domo: The world’s first business management platform. Domo takes BI to the next level by putting the right information into the hands of the people who use it and need it. It’s a self-service, automated cloud solution that is transforming the way people manage their business. In conclusion, by giving data control back to the doers and the decision-makers, Domo is taking charge.

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