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5 Things to Consider for your Small Business Phone System

5 Things to Consider for your Small Business Phone System

When is the last time you purchased a new small-business phone system? How much time did you spend researching? Did you know what features and benefits to look for?

If you are in the market for a new phone system, it’s worth spending some time doing product research. Especially considering that unlike a new car or some product, a phone system can actually save money or even help you make money.

Choosing a business phone service is no longer a choice between archaic landlines and personal cell phones. With hybrid phone solutions like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that provide the best parts of both platforms, you can be sure that you are choosing a phone service that can accommodate all of your business needs.

While each business has different needs, here are five things that every business should consider before choosing their phone system.

1. Treating Callers Professionally

Telephone communication is still the primary way that businesses interact with customers. Even the most casual business environment needs to have professional and effective tools. Whether you run a skateboard shop or a financial investment firm, the lack of efficient technology can cripple your business.

“Ooma Office helps my company sound more
professional for customers, and is the ideal first
impression for making sales.”
—Matthys van Leeuwen, Owner, Dutch Dog Design


2. Flexibility and Remote Access

VoIP business phone solutions like Ooma Office include features that go beyond what is available with a personal cell or smartphone. Using personal devices for a business line means you’ll be juggling work and personal interactions, and incoming calls may not always be answered professionally.

Because a VoIP phone system does not have the limitations of landlines, businesses are using VoIP phones in ways that are creative and exciting.

3. Reducing Down-Time

A landline telephone system is limited solely to the telephone wires connecting into your building. This means if the phone line is down, you can’t even leave a voicemail message with an alternate telephone number where a caller could reach you.

The app gives you access to everything that your desk phone can do. So, you can use the app to update your voicemail message, organize your staff, and field calls as you would with your desk phone.

Ooma Office is a comprehensive VoIP phone solution for your small business. Download this whitepaper to know more about the 5 Things to Consider for your Small Business Phone System.


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