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7 Digital Best Practices for HR Professionals


Learn the ways to recruit and hire faster.

The HR world is changing quickly—global candidates are tech-savvy and are relying on mobile-enabled digital interactions. Now more than ever, HR teams are looking to improve the onboarding experience, increase employee satisfaction, and focus HR staff away from mundane tasks.

Industry experts predict that all successful businesses will soon become 100% digital. The biggest challenge is the “how”. The HR world is rapidly changing; global candidates are becoming more tech-savvy and rely on mobile-enabled interactions. Now more than ever, HR teams are looking to attract and retain the right talent, increase employee satisfaction, and enrich the overall recruiting and onboarding experience.

Here’s the time to make 2018 a year of digitization and transformation. The plan: revamp all of your current HR processes and swap paper for an eSignature solution for everything ranging from offer letters, new hire approvals, candidate NDAs, and contractor agreements.

Industry experts predict that successful businesses will soon become 100% digital for all transactions. The challenge is how to “go digital” in the right ways to ensure that all companies will become a success.

The Environment Matters:

Employees Care About Going Green According to Time Magazine, studies show that generations born after the normalization of recycling don’t want to work for companies known for polluting practices. Similarly, in-depth studies by the recruitment firm Adecco reveal satisfaction-based benefits that companies gain from more efficient digital practices.

33% of workers are more inclined to work for a green company.

52% of workers wish their company was more environmentally friendly.

In a ForestEthics report on the benefits of paper reduction in corporate settings, experts note the use of paper has negative effects beyond business process inefficiencies.

Specifically, each of the steps involved in creating paper—wood extraction, processing, transportation and disposal—has a profound negative environmental impact.

When candidates and employees are evaluating the social benefits of working for your company, going green via electronic signatures could be a deciding factor in your favour.

Download this best practices paper to learn the 7 important ways that HR teams can make meaningful progress in their digital transformations.

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