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A Report on the 2017 Adobe Mobile Maturity Survey

A report on the 2017 Adobe Mobile Maturity Survey

We are approaching INFINITY.

When most of us look at the night sky, we see millions of pinpoints of light. But when Australian Robert Evans looks up, it’s as though he’s seeing the well-known faces of longtime friends. Evans is the world’s foremost supernova hunter. He has memorized the star field foregrounds and positions of around 1,500 galaxies. And just by looking through a telescope, he can see changes.

Only in the 1990s did automated telescopes come into use that could observe galaxies at the same speed that Evans has since 1955. But even a stargazer as skilled as Evans could view galaxies only in our neighborhood until the launch of the Hubble telescope in 1990. Since then, Hubble has captured more than a million images, including sights like galaxies as they appeared 13 billion years ago.

More about Hubble:

Using advanced technology, the next-gen James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) will extend Hubble’s discoveries. By searching for nascent galaxies and luminous objects which are formed shortly after the Big Bang, Webb will get as close to seeing infinity as we can imagine.

Similarly, mobile technology has reached at a point where the possibilities seem endless. As business models and capabilities evolve, they enable us to access goods and services, connect devices, and digital experiences at any point of time.

The companies which are taking advantage of this phenomenon are the Amazon, Uber, and Apple. They recognized that they are no longer in the business of creating products and services. They are in the business of using products and services to create ultimate user experiences. Companies like these set customers’ expectations for experiences. So if you are willing to be competitive, you must deliver to the same standard. And that requires mobile maturity.

Mobile maturity powers a world of LIMITLESS possibilities.

The best way to move your organization toward the mobile-centric world is to develop digital skills that support your strategy. Through this guide, we’ll share learnings from 2017 Adobe Mobile Maturity Survey. That checked in with mobile marketing decision-makers across the verticals and their IT counterparts.

The survey benchmarks mobile marketing and development tactics and investments. And furthermore, evaluates leading companies’ progress toward increasing mobile maturity and being mobile-first. We use information from these leaders to chart a course for you.

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