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Autonomous Database Strategy


Why choose the Oracle Database Strategy?

IT leaders must modernize enterprise computing to the cloud and hence do more with less. The migration must improve protection from cyber-attacks without threatening the stability of mission-critical workloads. Hence, to truly deliver transformational change, the cloud platform must include both existing and new applications.

Public cloud is a key component of the transformation. Migrating the entire estate to the public cloud is usually not realistic. Oracle’s Autonomous Database uniquely enables this transformation.

It combines the flexibility of the cloud with the power of machine learning to deliver data management as a service.

Above all, it enables businesses to:

  • Safely run mission-critical workloads using the most secure, platform – Oracle Database on Exadata
  • Migrate both new and existing OLTP or Analytics applications
  • Deploy in both the Oracle Public Cloud and on Cloud at Customer in their own data centres, providing cloud migration and hybrid cloud
  • Cut administration costs up to 80% with full automation of operations and tuning
  • Cut runtime costs up to 90% by billing only for resources needed at any given time
  • Protect themselves from cyber-attacks and rogue employees by automatically encrypting all data


IT leaders are caught in a seemingly impossible situation, as the business demands more real-time data and more agility while IT budgets stay flat. They are facing multiple daunting challenges:

  • Transforming their existing estate to a Cloud-Computing model to do more with less and be more agile
  • Attacks from hostile nation-states from the outside and rogue employees from the inside
  • Mission-critical systems in the cloud must deliver guaranteed uptime


Above all, the Oracle Autonomous Database (Autonomous Database) provides a level of performance and reliability. Compared to a manually managed database, the Autonomous Database costs less to run, performs better and therefore eliminates human error.

Your customers can get the world’s leading database with Oracle Database on the best platform, Exadata. This combination provides the most secure, available, proven solution at the lowest cost. And also, all operational tasks are fully automated and customers only pay for resources they use with Universal credits or Bring Your Own License.

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