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Become a Digital Hero

Become a Digital Hero

Digital Heroes can be found all around us. They are present in the most common places like cubicles, boardrooms, loading docks and data centers. These are the people who don’t defer from taking chances on any idea on how to do something through digitization and automation.

It all starts with digitization. The success of a business depends on going digital. Digitization positively affects nearly every area of the business. Forward-thinking businesses are recognizing the value of digitization agreement processes in terms of accelerating revenues, reducing costs and improving customer experiences.

Any process change, large or small, takes a champion in their group, department, or corporation to make it happen. This is especially true in the road to digital transformation, and we are now seeing the emergence of “Digital Heroes”- transformational leaders at all levels of the organization who are shaping their organizations’ digitization strategies, identifying processes to digitize, spearheading successful implementations, and championing adoption throughout the enterprise.

It’s not always easy to be a Digital Hero, and the role is not for everyone. It requires tenacity, vision, and appropriate span of control. Becoming a Hero requires understanding the underlying business processes. You must communicate the value to senior executives and champion implementation and roll-out. And you must act both as a champion within your own department as well as an ambassador into other departments. But for those with the drive and ambition, becoming a Digital Hero and catalysing digitized business transformation across the enterprise can yield great benefits. And by successfully championing digitization initiatives, becoming a Hero will not only help your business thrive—but your own career as well.

The Heroes always adhere to the following 5 principles to succeed in their paths:

  1. Delight your customers
  2. Grow your business
  3. Reduce your costs
  4. Increase Security
  5. Enhance Technology

Download the whitepaper “Become a Digital Hero” by DocuSign to know more about how taking lead during digitization and becoming a digital hero helps your company and your career.

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