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How is DevOps useful for Big Data?

DevOps for Big Data
Published By - Brian Curtis

DevOps and big data are two different departments in an organization but DevOps and big data teams can work together and benefit each other by streamlining the processes.

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10 Business Intelligence Trends in 2019

Business Intelligence Trends 2019
Published By - Brian Curtis

Here are the top 10 analytics and business intelligence trends we will talk about in 2019. Mobile BI 2.0, Data Quality Management (DQM) and Data Discovery are few of them.

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Malware Trends to watch out for in 2019

Malware Trends 2019
Published By - Brian Curtis

Malware Infections have seen a rise since 5-7 years. As cybercriminals continuously look out for making money from untapped sources, malware will increase. With the increase in transactions using Cryptocurrency, there is an increase in the number of malware attacks done on

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