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Checklist For Evaluating Potential 3rd-Party Demand Gen Partners

Checklist For Evaluating Potential 3rd-Party Demand Gen Partners

Considering outsourcing demand generation? Well, you are not alone.

Some B2B marketing companies rely only on in-house resources and plan and execute their demand generations accordingly. Many marketing organizations implement a combination of inbound efforts along with external partners for demand generation.

Modern marketers know that there are many steps to plan an effective outbound marketing program. 3rd party partners are a great way to augment your demand generation programs. It helps increase overall lead flow and increase the predictability of the incoming lead volume to your marketing funnel and sales pipeline. Here, 3rd party partner means the external agency you pay to provide leads or contract-level information on prospective buyers. This is apart from the leads that you create through your own inbound efforts.

3rd-party generated leads are usually higher in the marketing funnel i.e. perhaps having shown interest in buying. You would probably almost always need to nurture these leads for them to get familiar with your product or service. Thus these leads often take longer to convert as compared to inbound lead.

Outsourcing demand generation isn’t a permanent commitment. It also isn’t an absolute choice between only inbound demand gen or outsourced demand generation. You can always choose a different approach even after opting one.

Assess Demand Generation Agencies

If you are thinking of opting for 3rd party demand gen partner, screening and vetting are crucial aspects before finalizing. The following actions should be followed prior to signing the contract with the vendor.

  1. Understanding their method of communication
  2. Check their customer reviews
  3. Set clean KPIs and goals
  4. Prepare to educate your potential partner
  5. Be aware of “lock-in” contracts

Along with the above actions, there are always things that you should ask your potential demand generation partners before finalizing the contract. It is always better to keep things upfront and clear before any sort of commitment. To know what exactly should you ask your potential demand generation partner before committing, download this whitepaper to get the detailed checklist. This checklist will help you decide whether the potential partner fits your requirements and whether to go ahead with the contract.


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