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Cognizant: Post-Trade Solution

Cognizant: Post-Trade Solution

Optimizing and Simplifying the Post-Trade Process

Today, as margins tighten, regulatory demands increase and the desire for more complex trades grows, organizations need to equip themselves with increased middle and back-office rigor and resources. As a result, financial institutions are faced with a difficult choice – stick with their inefficient and cumbersome legacy system or replace it with something that may not be responsive enough to change in the next five years.

The right solution now and into the future.

Cognizant’s post-trade solutions can help you reduce costs, create operational efficiency and prepare your organization for the coming regulatory requirements of the future without experiencing the disruption and associated risk of transitioning from your legacy systems.

“Return on equity at the major investment banks has fallen substantially since the financial crisis, and the recovery from single digit levels remains very slow.” 

PwC, Strategy&, Post-trade services in financial markets: Moving from backstage to center stage, 2015.


Cognizant’s Post-Trade Solutions will help your organization:

  • Alleviate the pressure of increased regulatory oversight and executing on the demand for more complex trades
  • Control costs on tightening margins
  • Optimize middle or back-end post-trade process – whether that be handling complex reconciliations, detangling fees and billings and other functions underserved by manual processes or inflexible legacy systems
  • Reduce costs and help you become regulatory responsive through our process and partnerships
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