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Commerce: It’s always personal

Commerce: It’s always personal

It’s no longer enough just to convert—to stay competitive, you need to turn prospects into lifelong fans of your brand. But with commerce channels and buying behaviour changing so fast, we all know that’s easier said than done.

What were once communications channels are now becoming commerce channels, with consumers making purchases on their TVs, on Twitter, and by text message. In the past, commerce and content data and experiences sat in their own silos. Those days are gone.

In this new world, content has a direct impact. Useful, engaging content fuels customer interactions, but that content will be far more useful and engaging if it’s delivered in the context of the customer’s latest interaction with your brand.

The combination of personalized content and commerce experiences can be powerful. But to do that, you need context. You need to understand the customer journey, and understand every individual customer: Where are they on their journey? How did they get there? And where will they go next?

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