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Creating an insurance customer communication portfolio

Creating an insurance customer communication portfolio

In order to imagine your ideal customer communication portfolio, you’re going to have to think about
communications from a few different perspectives.

• Take a deep breath.
• Lean back in your chair, but don’t tip over.
• Now that you are calm and collected, you can contemplate your customer communications.

What you say to your customers, when you say it, why you say it, and most recently where you say it; represents some of the most valuable intellectual property within your insurance business.

The communication style of your company establishes your image in the marketplace, sets the tone for important business transactions, influences renewal and referral decisions, and differentiates you from your competitors in a competitive market.

With ubiquitous Internet access, the proliferation of new consumer devices, and the explosion of social media; many insurers manage customer communications as a series of isolated business systems, each with a single simple goal.

Discrete operational teams usually handles customer communications that create a single type of mission critical document. IT teams may manage web-based communications. External agencies often produce marketing communications. Social media strategies might be outsourced to a leading consultancy firm. Compliance printing may be done in-house or at a lower cost by an outsource partner.

This chaotic mix of uncoordinated efforts can easily turn into a fragmented customer experience that leaves your customers feeling confused or frustrated.

This White paper explains how an insurer can create a vision for a cohesive portfolio that includes all customer communications, including; policies, welcome kits, renewals, claims correspondence, marketing campaigns, and other critical customer communications. It also demonstrates how you can make that vision a reality with today’s technology.

Explore the business value of managing your customer communication assets as a single cohesive portfolio of communications that drive a clear customer communication strategy that can improve business results by proactively managing customer engagement.

It is no coincidence that 70% of all insurance companies are planning to or are currently considering projects to improve their customer communication management in the next 12 months.

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