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Customer Experience Personalization

Customer Experience Personalization

“Treat your customers as people, not numbers” is one of the most famous adages in the customer centric business world where personalization is considered indispensable.

It speaks to the notion of viewing customers as individuals who have unique preferences, expectations and emotions, promoting the idea of intimately understanding the specific customers with whom one does business.

It presents the individualized approach as the heart of the customer experience.

Tamir Sigal of Quadient defines it as an experience that leaves customers “feeling as though their interests, behaviour and preferences were thoroughly taken into account,” personalization is a popular discussion topic for customer management professionals.

It is viewed as the hallmark of customer centricity; 66% of businesses believe it is a quality that best defines consumer-centric brands.

It, more importantly, is a pivotal strategic focus. 96% of organizations call personalization important to their customer experience strategies for the coming year. Fifty percent plan to maintain or increase their existing personalization efforts, while 30% plan to imminently begin investing in personalization.

While a glass-half-full individual maybe celebrating these statistics and concepts, a glass half empty one may have some questions.

If “treating customers as people” has been customer management gospel for decades, why are businesses only just recently beginning to make personalization a top strategic focus? If personalization is the defining sign of a customer-centric brand, why do so few organizations deliver legitimately personalized experiences?

This CCW Digital report is aimed at uncovering and eliminating the roadblocks and empowering organizations to deliver experiences that yield more efficient interactions, more meaningful customer relationships and more desirable business results.

The report features insights, anecdotes and perspectives from several leading customer management executives and thought leaders, including Tamir Sigal, Chief Marketing Officer at Quadient.

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