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List of 3rd-Party Demand Gen Do’s and Don’ts

List of 3rd-Party Demand Gen Do’s and Don’ts

B2B marketing teams are increasingly responsible for generating pipeline and revenue, and inbound marketing efforts can’t scale enough for most teams to hit their goals. Marketing-attributed growth requires 3rd-party demand gen.

Without the right know-how, 3rd-party programs can be difficult.

Getting started with 3rd-party demand gen includes:

  • Selecting the right lead sources, media partners and publishers
  • Setting program goals and measuring results
  • Processing and governing quality of 3rd-party leads
  • Developing a thoughtful nurture, scoring and routing strategy
  • Leveraging modern technology

However, only the above pointers are not sufficient for efficient execution of 3rd-party demand generation. 3rd-party demand generation is an effective strategy when done right. It requires much planning, organization and management.

Download the ebook “List of 3rd-Party Demand Gen Do’s and Don’ts” which describes a quick list to ease your efforts and avoid while running your 3rd-party demand gen programs.


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