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How an Engineered System Optimizes Business Results

How an Engineered System Optimizes Business Results | YourTechDiet

Databases tend to hold an organization’s most important information and power the most crucial applications. It only makes sense, then, to run them on a system that’s engineered specifically for database system optimization.

Yet some companies continue to run their databases on do-it-yourself (DIY) infrastructure, using separate server, software, network, and storage systems. It’s a setup that increases risk, cost, complexity, and time spent deploying and managing the system optimization, given that it typically involves at least three different IT groups.

That’s why IT organizations are increasingly turning to converged systems. They are faster to deploy and easier to support and manage over the long term, because they are far less complex. What’s more, they deliver superior performance and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than DIY systems.

Growth of Converged Systems

Oracle Database Appliance takes convergence to the next level, adding in database and applications, in a format that’s cloudready. It’s a complete engineered system that integrates software, server, storage, and network resources. Oracle Database Appliance supports database services for a range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in-memory database, and data warehousing applications. All the hardware and software components are engineered together and supported by Oracle, providing a reliable and secure system with built-in automation and best practices that decrease the time to value of deploying database solutions.

Oracle Database Appliance Makes Good Business Sense

Oracle Database Appliance offers the following benefits:

  • Shorter time to value

Because Oracle Database Appliance is an engineered system, setup and management are fast and easy. The DIY approach takes multiple administrators to complete a deployment: one each for the server, storage, and network systems, plus a database administrator.

  • Increased reliability, reduced risk of downtime

With Oracle Database Appliance, a single periodic patch bundle covers all integrated elements: firmware, OS, storage, and database. That dramatically decreases the possibility of human error in applying patches and means far less planned downtime. It all adds up to increased reliability.

  • Engineered for Oracle Database

Oracle Database Appliance is engineered specifically to run Oracle Database, which brings another set of benefits. For example, features such as Hybrid Columnar Compression improve database performance and reduce storage requirements, and built-in flash storage and flash cache improve performance.

Security is built in to Oracle Database Appliance, not bolted on, and designed 100% by Oracle. Its operating system defaults to the highest level of security (system optimization), FIPS 140-2, ensuring that Oracle Database Appliance is secure straight out of the box. It performs periodic scans to check for vulnerabilities, and the single quarterly patch also includes security updates. Encryption is offloaded to a specialized Intel chipset, so it doesn’t interfere with database operations.

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