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Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps

Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps

A well-defined strategy is a must for your sales and marketing efforts and tactics to work. It is a plan for reaching, engaging and converting prospects into profitable customers. A sales and marketing strategy provides guidelines for both teams to work in coordination. It outlines how the two teams will sync their efforts to reach your key business goals and help shape your company’s success and future.

So what’s holding the organisations back from successfully achieving their goals? The basic issue is that both the teams are designed to see the world from different perspectives. They have their own sources of information and follow different guidelines and paths when it comes to meeting their targets and incentives.

Businesses with gaps in sales and marketing teams have difficulty meeting their goals and sales figures. What sales and marketing gaps are you defending? How are they impacting your ability to hit the numbers? We’ll examine the five major sales and marketing gaps that could be costing you time, customers, top-line growth, and profit. We’ll show you how you can help your business by closing those gaps so you can get back to growing.

These gaps include:

  1. The happiness gap
  2. The obsession gap
  3. The connection gap
  4. The transformation Gap
  5. The goals Gap

Fortunately bridging these gaps and growing business is very much possible with certain efforts.

So what do you get from this guide?

  • Discover how to transform your business by connecting sales and marketing with a shared set of practices that have been proven to grow brands, grow revenue and increase profit.
  • Get expert advice from leaders who have walked in your shoes, leapt over the gaps, and unleashed sales and marketing to drive growth-together.
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