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Four Secrets to Connected Workplace

Four Secrets to Connected Workplace


The way we work together has changed drastically in recent years. People share and develop ideas across functional silos, organizational boundaries, and geographies-even generations. And they must do so seamlessly and efficiently to stay ahead in a continuously shifting business environment.

Teamwork is crucial in today’s knowledge economy. But how can you get your employees on the same page if you can’t even get them in the same room?

Modern workplaces demand connected solutions. SharePoint is designed to create a fluid collaboration experience that transcends boundaries while protecting your organization, data, and employees with enterprise-level security across Office 365 and devices. OneDrive makes it easy for you to find, share, and collaborate on all your files in Office 365.

Your organization’s collaboration toolkit must leverage secure cloud technology to service this mobile-first, need-it-now world. Microsoft Office 365 is designed to meet the unique work styles of diverse groups with purpose-built, unified applications. SharePoint connects you, your teams, and your organization with a mobile and intelligent intranet. OneDrive is ideal for simplified sharing and file storage. You can share and collaborate on files and content with people inside or outside of your organization—even with people who don’t have an Office 365 subscription. Also. You would want to spend your time exchanging ideas and information, not worrying about security or version control.

The best part? If you’re an Office 365 customer, you may already have these powerful tools at your fingertips.

Get this eBook to discover 4 ways SharePoint and OneDrive create a best-in-class collaboration solution for the modern workplace.

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