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Get Inspiration from your own Marketing

Get Inspiration from your own Marketing

The opportunities for marketing discovery are unlimited. With the right testing strategy, you can experiment with everything from site or app navigation and the overall experience flow to smaller, subtler elements, like headlines, calls to action, and images.

Then, as you evaluate each of these components in your marketing mix, you can pinpoint exactly which factors and combinations are having the biggest impact—and for which audiences. Even better, you can automate much of the process.

All of this means that you can continually personalize and fine-tune your interactions based on what you learn from your data and test results, so you’ll keep getting better at serving the right experience to the right person.

Just as scientists rely on the scientific method to run the most effective and informative tests, you can employ a step-by-step, data-driven method to get the best possible results from your online testing. Here are five steps that scientists use to reach new discoveries—and that you should build into your online testing practice, too.

Your key performance indicators, which can help inform your conversion goals, are the metrics you’ll use to decide whether or not your testing variation is more successful than the original version. These metrics can include a wide range of data points, including click-throughs and traffic, app performance, or the lifetime value of a customer.

Find Eureka at the intersection of science and art.

Just as science has done for centuries, your marketing discoveries will give you empirical facts—and perhaps even a proven theory that becomes a best practice. But these tests and data can only take you so far. As you continue to delve deeper into testing strategies and tools, keep in mind that the real answers almost always live at the intersection of human and machine.

How Adobe can Help :

With Adobe Marketing Cloud, you can easily establish a data-driven method for online testing. Equipped with this integrated marketing solution, you’ll be able to design and implement tests that improve the customer experience and boost your bottom-line success.

Using deep, real-time data integrated from Adobe Analytics, you’ll have the building blocks you need to develop an informed hypothesis and predict testing results. Integrate this comprehensive data with Adobe Target, and it’s easy to set up, test, and deliver personalized experiences to your customer segments.

With the testing capabilities of Adobe Target, you’ll be able to run everything from simple A/B tests to complex multichannel tests—all without the usual coding and setup hassles. When the results come in, the customizable interface makes it easy to see your visitors’ responses to content variations in real time.

Then, with one-click optimized content delivery, you can push out winning test content instantaneously or set a test to self-optimize and automatically deliver the best performing content in real time to the right segment. It’s all part of our mission to help you adapt at the speed of business, so you’re always ready to meet your customers’ needs.


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