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Guide to Build Your Marketing Technology Set

Guide to Build Your Marketing Technology Set

Let’s get right to the point. Marketing teams are eager for statistics, here is an interesting one: 2567% growth. No, it’s not a typo. This percentage should even technically be even higher.

This astronomical value represents the unprecedented increase in the number of technology providers from 2011 to date. Take a second to assimilate this incredible boom. In just five years, the number of vendors offering a technology solution has increased by two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven per cent.

Today, there are more than 4,000, hence this staggering percentage. As for the exact figure, it must be said that our man himself is not certain. And if you think that marketing was the last to benefit from a technological boom, you are right to believe Brian Hansford, director of customer services at Heinz Marketing.

Marketers have been the last to acquire strategic technology platforms, he explains. Finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution and human resources professionals had long before that solution that facilitated their operations and provided analytical data. With technology innovations in their field, teams now have the tools they need to better interact with customers and measure results.

In the end, Modern Marketing requires the use of innovative technologies. The problem with such a vast choice of technologies(and fueled on a daily basis) is that it becomes difficult to identify the appropriate solutions and to make them work in symbiosis. Modern marketing teams need to spend more time on innovation, and less on integration. This is why an open platform offering pre-integrated applications is decisive.

In this guide, in addition to an exclusive interview with Scott Brinker, we immerse ourselves in the areas most affected by technological solutions and platforms. We also provide a list of questions to ask a potential supplier of marketing technology solutions.

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