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Public-Private Hybrid Cloud for Large Enterprises

Public-Private Hybrid Cloud for Large Enterprises | Private Cloud

Get mission-critical network control and security, leverage public cloud capabilities in your large enterprise cloud, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by at least 25 per cent. Do you find yourself pressed between being able to provide public cloud capabilities in-house and being able to afford, let alone secure, operations on the public cloud? Do you worry about how to maintain the utmost control, security, and scalability while trying to offer client services in a rapid and scalable manner? Have you wondered how to leverage the control and security of a private cloud while providing the scalability and utility of multiple public cloud offerings?

Let Nokia show you how to unite private and public cloud approaches into a manageable and coherent whole. And, Nokia’s enterprise private cloud can provide TCO savings of at least 25 per cent compared to a legacy environment that was upgraded to a cloud. This Nokia use case describes how the best of both private and public cloud approaches can be realized in a public-private hybrid cloud—without the disruption of rip and replace.

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