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”Integrated Learning” Gets Real

integrated learning

A Shift in Approach: Integrated Learning

The experts agree: Workplace learning can no longer be an “out there,” disconnected process–it has to be tightly and carefully woven into a worker’s experience, integrated into the fabric of the modern workplace.

The challenge for employers is to find the right learning process and best data and blend them into an effective technology platform that will ensure an intuitive, easy, and fun learning experience that leads to higher engagement and, as a result, increased productivity that gives your company a competitive edge. Successful workplace learning is becoming more like what we’re seeing in the consumer world ”, engaging, on-demand, social, and created by the real, in-the-trenches experts. Employers adopting this philosophy are trying to make learning both easier to execute and more interesting for workers.

Read the article to discover how three leading experts see the future of workplace learning unfolding today. Stuart Bowness, vice president of Learning Software Development at Workday; Christopher Myers, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School; and David Price, director of Engaged Learning in Leeds, UK, and author of OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live and Learn In the Future, share their insights and ideas for a successful transition.

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