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Millennials will soon be most of your workforce.

4 Ways to Motivate Millennials in the Workplace

A lot has been written about how to understand and respond to Millennials for workplace solution. Much of that focuses on helping older managers force Millennials to understand and adapt old norms instead of helping the managers understand and adopt the norms that Millennials demand.

Motivating Millennials isn’t hard. Most managers understand that everyone responds to reinforcement, recognition, respect, and reward.But you can also use productivity solutions and your IT environment to drive the 4T’s of Teamwork, Transparency, Tangible Impact, and Technology.

Understand the Expectations

Companies like Uber, Amazon, and Netflix have set new expectations in every industry. Millennials grew up seeing those expectations being met.

They expect every brand experience, including experiences with their employers, to be as smooth and seamless as those provided by the world’s leading digital companies.

Fortunately, the things that motivate Millennials aren’t unreasonable, but Millennials are probably more open to talking about them than older workers.

So while Millennials may have a different approach, don’t be surprised if GenX, Baby Boomer, Traditionalist, and GenZ workers also respond favourably to how you change your approach to teamwork, transparency, tangible benefit, and technology.

In this Microsoft report, you will gain insights on how to create a workplace the caters to millennials – the 4T’s: Teamwork, Transparency, Tangible impact, and Technology.

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