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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider

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  • Assuming all hosted VoIP providers are equal

The quality of a call varies dramatically by each provider. Demos are often done under ideal conditions, check the more recent reviews for a better picture of how real world performance measures up to your requirements.

  • Believing that local numbers equals global deployment

Almost any hosted VoIP provider can deliver a local number. Assuming that is the same as data centers and points of presence in your needed geography is going to cause quality issues at some point.

  • Thinking integrations all the same

Almost every hosted VoIP vendor will promote some sort of API or integration capability. That is very different to being able to deeply integrate communications into your workflows. Working with a hosted VoIP provider that has experience of success in doing this, rather than merely providing documentation for you to figure out can mean the difference between company-wide success or explaining the shortfall to your CEO.

  • Focusing on just dial-tone

Selecting a hosted VoIP provider is more than just dial-tone and handsets. Not looking further ahead to assess all your communications requirements, from team application integration to Call Centers only delays the inevitable issue.

  • Treat this like a product purchase

Approaching this as you would any IT purchase with a service contract will cause significant issues downstream. When buying products, the vendor has to be good once, and then hands it over to a service organization. Buying a service needs to be approached differently.

  • Assuming the price you see is the price you pay

You need your hosted VoIP provider to be viable, but don’t want to over pay. There are many ways the price can growth, if you are taking the price of dial-tone as the price, you are making a mistake. You will often see additional installation, handling, commissioning, tariff charges appear at installations time.

Why Choose Ooma Enterprise?

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  • Integrate your critical workflows
  • Global approach, not just U.S focused.
  • Simple to understand, all inclusive pricing.
  • Call quality, listen to the difference!
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