Critical Global Reduces Risk- Saving £2.12 MM Per Year Using Risk Based Inspection

APM Integrity, part of Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM), equips organizations to enable a closed loop mechanical integrity program across the enterprise. This comprehensive inspection solution helps operators to reduce risk, lower inspection costs relative to their fixed assets. With APM Integrity, asset-intensive organizations can lower environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) incident probability, increase availability, reduce reactive maintenance, and improve productivity.

Most inspection programs are mandated by regulatory agencies with the power to apply significant penalties for non-compliance. To improve cost-effectiveness, organizations are turning to RBI as a preferred methodology. This capability supports the ability to assess the likelihood and consequences of failures to optimize inspection rigor based on overall risk. The visual surveillance and inspection of both fixed and linear assets is a critical element in assessing the current condition of the asset and avoiding equipment failures. RBI can be seamlessly integrated into inspection management and maintenance programs.

Let’s have a look at a case of Cristal Global

Faced with the need to meet changing government regulations and standards, as well as corporate Process Safety Management (PSM) standards, Cristal Global, the world’s second-largest producer of titanium dioxide and a leading supplier of titanium chemicals, needed a way to not only meet and comply with these standards, but also to calculate the risk associated with not doing so. Cristal engineers understood that they needed to better understand plant risk levels, reduce unexpected failures on critical equipment, and demonstrate the significant value attainable through the implementation of an inspection plan that used criticality as its basis, rather than time-based inspections.

To meet these challenges, Cristal decided to implement a risk based inspection (RBI) system at one of its facilities in Stallingborough, UK, initially, with plans to expand the program to its other sites eventually. Also, Cristal implemented APM Integrity, a Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM) solution (formerly Meridium Enterprise APM) to drive continuous improvement. The solution’s RBI capability enabled Cristal to:

  • Reduce the risk of equipment failures by an estimated £2.12 MM per year
  • Develop a 10-year projection using RBI vs. time-based inspection, which indicated a 56% reduction in required inspections
  • Save an estimated £3.31 MM over 10 years in inspection costs.

Download the resource to read the full case about Cristal Global and see how they are benefited by using Risk Based Inspection (RBI) a part of Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM).

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