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Robust Data Management Platforms Drive Intimate Customer Experiences

Robust Data Management Platforms drive intimate customer experiences

When new becomes standard, we redefine new.

You know the importance of identifying your best customer segments and treating them right. You also know that it takes a ton of work. But it’s work that we can help you accomplish with our integrated and secure Data Management Platform (DMP).

Finding new ways to reach highly targeted audiences at the right time and with the right message is critical to growing your business.

As customer demands evolve, so must your tools. That’s why brands, publishers, and agencies have turned to DMPs to better manage their data assets. And our platform offers a range of innovative features to meet your data management needs.

By using Adobe Audience Manager, our DMP offering, you’ll aggregate data from all your sources to better understand your current customer segments, while we also help you identify new audiences to target.

According to Forrester, “Consider Adobe if you want all options: a full stack plus an array of integrations.” Read the new Forrester Wave: Data Management Platforms, Q4 2015report to learn how Adobe Audience Manager can help you bridge the worlds of Ad and Marketing tech.


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