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Leveraging SAP on Azure for Business Transformation

SAP on Azure | YourTechDiet

New disruptive competition has changed the “clock speed” of business. Consumer expectations, set by e-commerce for shopping and social networks for communications, and always-on information access with mobile and 4G networks, are also increasing pressures on businesses to achieve results and outcomes like never before. Speed and agility are critical – a business must act faster and make better-informed predictions and decisions to compete and win.

SAP customers are working hard to realize the full value of their systems. But with legacy deployments, data in SAP systems is isolated from other business data and systems, leaving most users frustrated with too many manual processes. Additional pain points include the integration of multiple legacy systems and data silos driven by geographical expansion or growth through acquisitions.

Today, ERP investment decisions are cutting across functions such as finance and supply chain with far-reaching implications. Business is now required to go beyond just changing infrastructure; business must lead. The destination is a new digital core – SAP S/4HANA – in the cloud that powers insight, speed and efficiency:

  • Accelerate innovation with improved insight and predictions
  • Move faster and accelerate time to value with agility
  • Improve business processes and efficiency by optimizing operations
  • Reduce costs and TCO

To succeed in today’s disruptive business environment, you can’t afford to wait to start planning the move of your SAP systems to the cloud. By marrying your SAP data to other data on Azure now, you’ll be able to use end-to-end, real-time insights to quickly enter new markets, fend off disruptive competition, improve your margins, and grow your business right away.

Download this white paper to see how SAP on Azure can help your business—and why SAP transformation needs to be led by business leaders in collaboration with IT.


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