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Security Cloud for Large Enterprises

Security Cloud for Large Enterprises

Provide security and compliance, evolve in sync with the fastest moving environment, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by at least 25 per cent. Are you worried that your exposure surface (the areas that hackers can attack) is facing geometric increases as multiple cloud management systems, virtualization and container environments, and open source software packages are adopted? Are you concerned that hacker attacks are becoming increasingly professional and motivated by financial or political gain? Are you caught between the imperative for security and the infeasibility of providing it with legacy approaches?

Let Nokia show you how to secure your environment from end-to-end starting at the data centre switch or virtual switch all the way to the remote branch. And, the Nokia enterprise private cloud can provide a TCO cost savings of at least 25 per cent compared to a legacy environment that was upgraded to a cloud. This Nokia use case describes how our cloud approach builds security into every component to combine rigorous security with cost-effective automation and compliance capabilities—without the disruption of rip and replace.



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