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How to Streamline and Optimize your on-premises IT Infrastructure and get Cloud-Ready

How to Streamline and Optimize your on-premises IT Infrastructure and get Cloud-Ready | YourTechDiet

Enterprise IT infrastructure has grown unwieldy, with organizations implementing various hardware solutions to address different applications and backup and storage requirements, often lacking an overarching strategy. The result: multiple systems creating a mishmash of difficult-to-manage information silos that drive up staffing expenses.

At the same time, many of these organizations want to realize the benefits of public cloud infrastructure or at least position themselves to be ready when the time is right. But moving this complex multivendor collection of infrastructure—especially for business-critical workloads—to the cloud is a daunting task for many organizations.

One solution is to first streamline and simplify your on-premises infrastructure and put it on a path to being cloud-ready. Consolidating various systems onto purpose-built engineered systems optimized for specific workloads and designed to work together improves performance while enabling significant savings.

Organizations will find they spend less time and fewer resources on the day-to-day management of IT infrastructure, leaving more time to innovate.

This strategy also reduces software and support expenses, because you have fewer systems from different vendors and thus need fewer resources to manage your collection of applications.

The current IT infrastructure situation requires separate teams of IT experts to manage each silo, resulting in added staffing expense. Furthermore, these complex multivendor do-it-yourself environments make it difficult to achieve the performance and agility needed to deliver innovative solutions that drive the business.

By streamlining and optimizing on systems that are cloud-ready, you can future-proof your environment so you’ll have the cloud option as you move forward.

A smarter solution is to have different purpose-built hardware tiers, with varying price/performance levels, to handle the four main sorts of business-critical applications in the typical organization, we need some solutions on the main IT infrastructure namely:

  • Databases
  • Big data and analytics
  • Application logic and middle-ware
  • Backup/recovery
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