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Ten Warning Signs Your ERP System Is Killing Your Business

Ten Warning Signs Your ERP System Is Killing Your Business

Today’s ERP manufacturing enterprises are challenged by rising material costs, increasing competition, and ever-changing customer requirements. Manufacturers are faced with dizzying levels of complexity, duplication of effort, and in the worse cases, poor quality and customer service.

Why Does ERP Fall Short?

Most manufacturers look to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to enhance the organization’s overall performance. In many cases, the original drivers that led to an enterprise resource planning selection were the goals of streamlining and simplifying business processes for a sustainable competitive advantage.
Legacy ERP systems don’t keep pace with change. The manufacturing sector faces continually changing business processes, data, and requirements which make it nearly impossible for a typical, inflexible ERP system to keep pace with what the business really needs.

The Warning Signs

  • Your ERP system can’t integrate mission-critical business data.
  • Changes to the system are costly and time-consuming.
  • Your disaster recovery plan involves tapes.
  • Beefy PCs or “fat clients” are needed to run the system.
  • You can’t access the data easily if you are traveling.

The Next Step

Fortunately, a new breed of cloud ERP resolves these challenges so manufacturers can thrive by doing what they do best, not writing and maintaining software.

The Plex Cloud ERP system integrates and streamlines all aspects of a manufacturing company, including sales, engineering, quality management, production, scheduling, shop floor control, barcoding, part traceability, warranty tracking, shipping and receiving, EDI, human resources, tooling, and more. With no up-front investments in servers or IT infrastructure, Plex’s integrated manufacturing system can help drive out costs and improve quality in your organization.

The Difference

Plex Cloud ERP is not software that a company installs – it is an online solution. It is accessible by authorized users through the Internet with a standard web browser. No servers, software, databases, backups, or other infrastructure are required. The fact that it is Internet-based and requires no infrastructure to implement makes it ideal for managing multiple plants and for linking customers, suppliers, and employees into a centralized database of real-time information no matter where they are around the world.

Finally, the system meets key targets for data continuity and disaster recovery. Plex delivers aggressive recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) goals of two hours or less. The targets are in line with the world’s leading technology providers for continuity and disaster recovery planning.

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