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The Business Case For Mobile Security

Mobile Security

The foundation of your business case: Reducing mobile risks and Improving Mobile Security

A compelling business case for mobile security requires clearly communicating that protecting against mobile threats enables you to reduce business risks . In this eBook, you’ll learn how to sell the idea of buying a mobile security solution to your internal stakeholders. Want more?

The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security” will answer all your mobile security questions. In it, you’ll learn:

  1. What is mobile security
  2. Why it should be in your top three priorities
  3. The business case for it (what you’re reading)
  4. Buying mobile security
  5. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security
  6. The future of mobile security

Enterprise mobile threat vectors today Many organizations have zero visibility into the mobile risks they face. Depending on your security posture, that lack of visibility may be enough to bring on a solution. Helping your leadership team understand the most significant mobile risks is the first step towards making a business case for a security solution. The risk to your organization’s sensitive data from mobile devices, however, may not look like what you expect.

Mobile Risk Assessment

It’s natural to want to understand your mobile risk exposure before investing in a security solution. You may have data on your managed devices in the MDM, but likely can’t use this data to determine if the mobile devices with access to corporate data are at risk or not. One of the ways you can advance the conversation about the specific mobile risks facing your company is to request a Mobile Risk Assessment (MRA) from Lookout.

Making a case to your CEO

CEOs will look at everything from the business growth perspective. This includes ensuring customer and employee data is safe to build and retain brand trust. Focus on the showing the business advantages to protecting your organization’s mobile devices.

Making a case to your CFO

Your CFO naturally wants to ensure that they are getting the biggest bang for their buck in every aspect of the business. Financial loss, however, can come in a number of forms, one of which being diminished brand reputation or client loss from a data breach.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about making the business case for mobile security. Now, become a true expert by getting the full guide in detail . Get “The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security.

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