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The Business Value of Pervasive Device and Network Visibility and Control with ForeScout

The Business Value of Pervasive Device


Many organizations feel like attackers have the upper hand. Statistics continue to pour in showing that successful breaches are still occurring with increased frequency even though security spending continues to increase. News headlines constantly report data that was leaked from organizations of all sizes, large and small, and in every vertical.

It is evident that security must be improved, but how can an organization know that its security spend is
addressing the core challenges and not simply adding one more security product to an already overworked staff?

IDC believes that one of the key attitudes for organizations to adopt is that of “already breached.”

This attitude focuses on visibility and detection, with strong remediation capabilities. Instead of perfectly protecting each and every vector, this attitude encourages constant vigilance and the ability to respond quickly, making the organization’s security agile enough to meet the rapidly changing business and threat landscape.

One solution that addresses this idea of pervasive device visibility and control is ForeScout’s security solution. IDC interviewed senior IT staff responsible for device and network security operations at seven organizations that have deployed ForeScout’s security solution to understand the impact on their ability to control and secure their network environments.

These interviews showed that ForeScout provides the visibility and control capabilities that these organizations need to effectively and efficiently reduce security risk inherent to the tens of thousands of devices using their networks on a daily basis.

IDC calculates that as a result, these organizations will realize benefits worth an annual average of $46,040 per 1,000 devices on their networks ($1.97 million per organization) over five years and achieve a fiveyear ROI of 392% by:

  • Saving time for IT staff managing device and network security through enhanced visibility,
    automation, and improved reliability
  • Reducing the business and operational impact of network- and device-related security breaches
    Enabling auditing and compliance teams to work more effectively
  • Supporting users and business operations with more efficient and effective network security

Situation Overview

The current IT landscape is much different than what it was 10 years ago. While the need to monitor
the health of guest devices is still a key challenge, there are many other factors driving the need for
visibility and access control today.

Download the Whitepaper to a full insight into the current scenario of the IT landscape, the new challenges it faces and the possible solutions to them.

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