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The Digital Business: what do your customers expect?


A digital society
Every year many of us will travel to various European countries, either for work or pleasure, to soak up some sun and get the taste for a different culture. Each nation has its own delicacies, its own music, its own approach to life. Yet there are many constants across the continent. One of the most prominent is the demand to lead digital lives.

Whether you are in France or the UK, Germany or the Netherlands, you will be able to book a restaurant for dinner through an app, hail a taxi from your phone or sign a contract from your tablet. Digital is ingrained in the lives of Europeans.

For this reason, it should also be a central consideration for the region’s businesses. The pace at which technology is advancing undoubtedly poses challenges for organisations across all sectors, but at the same time, it provides great opportunity.

This is why we, at DocuSign, decided to look more deeply into the level of demand for digital services across Europe and, most importantly, into how businesses are responding.

Modern customers demand digital. Don’t get left behind.

Research shows that consumers across every sector of the economy naturally expect to do business digitally, with 88% of consumers now expecting to complete transactions digitally. Companies that can’t meet these demands will rapidly lose ground to the competition and see revenues shrink. So, what can your business do to keep up with the pace?

With every week that passes, our dependency on paper wanes as digital processes are introduced into every aspect of our daily activity. If you want to sign a contract, book a restaurant or make a bank transfer, you can do so digitally – it is ingrained in our lives.

Taking an entire digital-business can be more challenging and reliant on many more moving parts. Identifying how businesses are evolving to meet these rapidly changing demands is essential for decision makers across all sectors of the economy to prepare their organisation or department accordingly to undertake successful transformations.

This eBook investigates expectations from both the consumer and business perspectives. It identifies what action is being taken to meet the demand in the market and where the main challenges lie for businesses that are trying to deliver the digital experience their customers want.

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