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Thriving in the Digital Economy: The Innovative Finance Function

Thriving in the Digital Economy: The Innovative Finance Function

Digital Economy: Trends Shaping The Future Of The Finance Profession

It’s no longer enough for workplace learning to exist as an afterthought – a checkbox that keeps dropping to the bottom of a long to-do list. To engage talent and maintain competitiveness, smart employers realize that they need to make always-on learning a key piece of company culture.

Successful workplace learning is becoming more like what we’re seeing in the consumer world – engaging, on demand, social, and created by the real, in-the-trenches experts. Employers adopting this philosophy are trying to make learning both easier to execute and more interesting for workers.

Yes, basic learning and compliance tasks will still reside within the workplace learning universe, and rightly so. But learning must now engage workers by opening the door to new opportunities or achieving personal and professional goals.

At the same time, employers need to continually re-skill their workforce to fend off competitors and keep growing in a constantly changing world.

To explore some of the reasons behind this paradigm shift, HRE spoke with several learning experts, including Stuart Bowness, vice president of learning software development at Workday, Christopher Myers, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and David Price, director of Engaged Learning in Leeds, UK, and author of OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live & Learn In The Future.

Research, in collaboration with SAP, researched the views of finance professionals working at large companies on the future of their profession and how digitalization and advanced analytical capabilities supported their ambitions. We examined the skills and expertise that they expect they will need to succeed, as well as their perspectives on the incoming generation of finance professionals.

This report is based on 1,544 survey responses from finance professionals at all levels and 20 in-depth interviews with senior and mid-level finance executives.

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