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Which Hosted VoIP Solution is More Cost-Effective for You?

Which Hosted VoIP Solution Is More Cost-Effective for You?

YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS FOR Cost-Effective VoIP Solution

There are two kinds of cloud VoIP, or cloud-based phone systems, in this world. Figuring out which one is best for your budget depends on what your business needs. Cloud-based phone system providers either deliver Basic Hosted VoIP (BASIC) or Premium Managed VoIP (MANAGED). Like the names imply, BASIC is a no-frills service that requires a do-it yourself approach, while MANAGED has all the bells and whistles, and is managed for you by a team of experts, so there’s no disturbance in the force. To figure out which makes the most sense for your bottom line, check out the side-by-side comparisons, below.


$12 BILLION by 2018 : with 62.6 million seats in service This high growth is due to the inherent advantages of cloud-based phone systems:

Increased Productivity :  Workers can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, from nearly any device.

Scalability : Easily add offices and seats as needed without costly capital expenditures.

Cost Effectiveness: No matter what option you choose, you are likely to get more bang for your buck.

A  simple comparison guide for choosing the right VoIP solution for your business. The versatility of VoIP has made it the leading choice for companies seeking an updated phone system that enables them to do more for less. Coming to the conclusion that you want VoIP is fairly simple; however, the next question you must answer is:  which VoIP phone system is best for my business?

To ensure you make the best choice for your business and budget, it’s important to compare the two types  of VoIP available today: Basic and Managed. Simply download the e-book “Which Hosted VoIP Solution is More Cost Effective for You” and you’ll be poised to make an informed decision in mere minutes.

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