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Why It Pays to Use Electronic Signatures

why it use to pay electronic signatures

Every day, all over the world, businesses and individuals are forgoing paper and using Electronic Signatures for important business and personal documents. From signing a vendor contract, to signing a home mortgage, and everything in between.

In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, the business world is moving rapidly to online transactions from inefficient, costly, paper-based processes. Furthermore, consumers expect to be able to interact digitally anytime, anyplace, so providing easily accessible digital touchpoints is also critical to successfully keeping and retaining your customers.

Companies are taking advantage of the enormous time and cost savings that are possible when eSignatures are used for sales agreements, new-hire processing, invoicing, product management, customer work orders, service contracts, event registrations, security sign-ins, and much more.

No matter the size or type of business you’re in, you want to save money and increase revenue. And you want to make it all easy. Electronic signatures are a powerful way to accomplish all that.

Any Business Can Use Digital eSignatures

Even as organiations across industries invest heavily to automate every other aspect of their operations, many have yet to digitize their agreement and approval processes. Continuing to rely on outdated, paper based methods is cumbersome and inefficient for customers, partners, suppliers, and employees, and it provides a poor user experience.

Read the report to learn how leading companies across industries are improving critical business processes using Electronic Signatures to achieve:

  • Greater customer satisfaction and employee productivity
  • Higher close rates and sales productivity
  • Lower costs, greater efficiency
  • Improved time to revenue
  • Compliance and security-risk mitigation
  • International workflow support with Standards-based Electronic Signatures

eSigning: Here to Stay

Signing on the dotted line is a centuries-old practice, and until just a few decades ago, it was the only way to establish legal intent. Today, digital transformation is fundamentally reinventing entire industries, and eSignature is a core component of this. Customers increasingly expect the convenience of signing electronically, and with regulations such as eIDAS governing them, eSignatures have become commonplace worldwide.

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